YouTube Video Promotion – The Easy, Cost-Effective Way in 2022

YouTube Video Promotion – The Easy, Cost-Effective Way in 2022

Would you like to get lots of views for your YouTube videos, and subscribers to your channel – easily, organically and cost-effectively? Check out our YouTube video promotion service.

You are in the right place.

Let me show you how we can make it happen, with this example.

The Total Mindshift company wanted to boost their videos and to start getting subscribers They had just set up their YouTube channel, and it was looking a bit pathetic. Within 7 days, we had helped them go from 0-100! (Well almost. 80 subscribers to be exact). And the views on their video hit almost 4,000.

You can see the video here, to see the views, likes, etc:

CLICK HERE to see their YouTube channel

Take a look at the number of subscribers that we achieved for them.

The brand new channel went from 0 subscribers to 80 in a few days. It is now over 1200 the last time we looked.

These are real people. This method is 100% compliant with YouTube’s T&C’s. And there is absolutely no chance of any ‘fake’ subscribers or views.

How do we accomplish this method of YouTube video promotion?

It is through PPC ads (Google, Bing, etc.), via social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter) and a couple of software programs that we paid a lot of money for.

Now take a look at the number of genuine views:

These views are all totally legal, ethical, and genuine!

The best thing that I can suggest is that if you want to get a lot of subscribers, views, likes and interest, then take up this YouTube video promotion service on one video that you want to promote. Trust me – you will soon want to use it on EVERY video that you do!

Here’s what Total Mindshift said about our service:

“I came across this service a while ago, but I didn’t have a YouTube channel. Anyhow, we set up the channel, and for some reason, I saw the ad for this again. We ‘ummed’ and ‘aaarrrd’ about whether or not we should try it, but eventually decided to give it a go. I am so glad we did! Within a few days, I was astonished to see the number of likes, views, and most importantly, subscribers to our new channel.

I am not sure whether or not it will help our video rankings, but the subscribers are worth their weight in gold. We plan to produce a new video every month that we want to promote, so over the course of the year, we should amass around 1000 subscribers that we can offer our services to. That’s really not bad – especially as we don’t have to knock ourselves silly trying to learn all about the mysteries of YouTube!”

Here is a summary of the YouTube video promotion services that we offer:

For a once only fee of £49 we will promote your video to your target niche audience. This is achieved via 100% organic marketing. As a result, you will gain more exposure, and more subscribers (which is the important part). Our service is guaranteed – i.e., no visits, views or subscribers, a full refund is provided.

Obviously, we cannot guarantee the number of subscribers as each video is different, and in different niches. This depends entirely on whether or not the viewers like what you have to offer.

The service is 100% compliant with YouTube’s terms of service.

YouTube Super Service

In order to get your YouTube channel monetized, you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views. This is difficult when you are just starting out.

However, with our YouTube Super service, we can accomplish that for you in less than 30 days! Hop on a call to get more info (not porn, gambling, etc.)

Here’s how to progress:

Simply visit the Contact Us page, and let us know what your YouTube video URL is (so that we can see whether or not we can supply this service and get a guaranteed result. Obviously, we do not accept porn videos, or videos that promote gambling – but we welcome business opportunity/business venture videos that promote ethical products or services.) If we feel that our service is not viable for your video, we will be honest from the outset.

Let’s get your video(s) seen. contact us today! It’s good to talk – and there is no obligation to take it further on your part.

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