The Famous WordPress Doctor – Concierge Service 2022

The Famous WordPress Doctor – Concierge Service 2022

Are you having WordPress issues and conflicts that you cant resolve?

Is your WordPress performing badly, slowly, terribly?

Are you struggling to upload an affiliate program to WordPress?

Save yourself a lot of heartache and frustration! We can help you!

Here at VA247, we know what it is like to try and get online traffic, and sales, etc. We also know that much of the problem stems from poor WordPress setup, non-existent SEO on the site, and a lack of regular traffic.

Furthermore, we understand that you might want help with actually setting up one of the affiliate programs, without going through dozens upon dozens of videos!

The first place to start is our famous Concierge Service. Take a look at what we can do for you, and at such an amazingly low cost!

WordPress doctor

The WordPress Doctor Concierge Service
(A complete overhaul of your WordPress site, in just 72 hours (approx).

First of all, a detailed analysis of your site is carried out to see what the technical On-Page SEO issues are. These are fixed to make your website perfectly optimized. This in turn makes your WordPress website Google friendly. Once the audit is run, the WP Dr will also solve all WordPress On-Page SEO issues that are causing problems, to get you ranked on Google.

The massive, detailed audit costs just £12 – and if you take up our recommendations, this is refunded.

You cant ask for anything better than that (well, we can, but you won’t get it 🙂 )

This extraordinary service includes

  1. Keywords Research
  2. Pages and Products Metas
  3. Google Analytics Installation
  4. Website Content Analysis
  5. WWW vs. Non-WWW Analysis
  6. Search Engine Friendly URL Structure
  7. Logo-ALT Tag Analysis
  8. Images Alt Tags Optimization
  9. Page Not Found Analysis and Fixes
  10. User Sitemap Analysis
  11. Responsiveness Test
  12. Google and Bing Webmaster Installation
  13. Indexing Pages in Major Search Engines
  14. Google and Bing XML Sitemap Creation and Installation
  15. Set Crawl Rate
  16. Meta Tags Creation
  17. Set Preferred URL Version
  18. Robots.txt
  19. Website Indexation Test
  20. Any minor issues discovered along the way.
    Many website owners are paying several hundred pounds for this type of service, and it doesn’t even cover half of the above list. We will do ALL of the above for you – for just £89 with a 3 day turnaround! (The initial site audit is £12, refundable if you take up the service to fix the errors).
    We won’t keep pestering you to use our service after your audit is carried out – that’s a promise (we are way too busy).
    At the WordPress Doctor we go deep. We don’t just treat the symptoms – we get to the root cause of the problems. For example, if your site is running slow, it may be because your images are not compressed.
  21. Do you have a sitemap? Google loves those. Is your website under a penalty? These will be removed – and so on.
    Basically, if you are really bothered about presenting a proper image, getting free SEO traffic, and getting your site ready for some blazing social media, then we would urge you to pay us a visit with all due haste!
  22. With so many WordPress websites that are not very well, the waiting room can get rather full. So contact us now…
    When you pay a visit, check out the other services that we offer. You will be amazed, and you will wonder how you ever survived without us before…
    Send an email to with your WordPress website url so that we can take a quick look to make sure that we can help you. Then we will go from there.

As a footnote – apart from our reasonable costs, we can save you a ton of money using the plugins on WordPress.

For example – would you like a FREE autoresponder with email subscribers?

How about a pop-up page on your site?

What about lots of genuine, quality traffic at a price that beats every other traffic provider hands down?

Would you like lots of tips for adding to your traffic, or building a huge downline, using little known tools and methods to increase your profits?

In summary, The WordPress Doctor can both get you out of trouble, and get you up and running with any program that you are struggling with.

Here’s all you need to do:

Go to the Contact page, and give us a very brief outline, plus a contact number. We will immediately assess whether or not we can help, – absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

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