Anything You Want – a Fast Efficient Virtual Assistant Services Team at Your Fingertips

Anything You Want – a Fast Efficient Virtual Assistant Services Team at Your Fingertips

Why use Virtual Assistant Services? The answer is simple. We have been operating a home business for over 30 years, both online and offline. During that time, we have realised that the work that took us hours upon hours was necessary but non-productive. So over the years, we gathered together a team of Virtual Assistant Services so that we could get on with the stuff that really mattered.

It took us a very long while to find the right people. As they say – sometimes, in order to find the prince, you have to kiss a lot of frogs! In the end, we employed people by giving them test work to do (unbeknown to them) and we sorted the wheat from the chaff that way.

Now we have a superb team of people – but there is only one problem…

virtual assistant services
You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince

Virtual Assistant Services – The Problem (and the solution)

In order to keep these people on the ‘virtual payroll’ we have to guarantee them a certain amount of work each month. Therein lies the problem. These people are so good, they can soon get work elsewhere by freelancing.

Some months, we struggle to reach the quota, even with our network of sites and customers (Summertime, holiday times etc.) So we basically farm them out under our wing, to keep them going. We give them data entry work, and other tedious stuff to do. We give them website work to do – uploading courses etc. And we give them social media work to do, along with blog posts, video ads, infographics with logos on them, etc.

Apart from the usual run of the mill data entry stuff, they like to sort out problems on websites, etc., when clients get into a tangle. I have never known them to fail at fixing anything to the client’s satisfaction!

virtual assistant services
Virtual Assistant Services

So how much does this cost?

Quite simply, every job is different, so it has to be costed on an individual basis. However, our rate is heavily discounted – as I stated, we simply want to keep these people on our books. So we promise that you will be surprised and delighted at both the quality of the work and the cost.

Our Virtual Assistant Services Saves You Time and Money Every Time

Let’s say you wanted to extract several hundred emails from a document, and copy and paste them onto a spreadsheet. No problem.

You want to upload dozens of documents to a website. Easy peasy.

You want to post articles etc. on social media, but don’t have the time. Our guys eat that sort of thing.

You want to have a script created from audio, and you want it the next day. Try us…

You want a list of Facebook groups in your field that you can post to. no problem.

You want subscribers and views on your YouTube videos. Consider it done…

…and much, much more.

Basically, we can do anything and everything. If we cant tackle something, we will let you know, If we can’t do it, or do the job to a high degree of satisfaction, we will be honest about it.

There is no need to employ someone, paying them PAYE, National Insurance etc., and hoping they turn up to do the work you need doing and on time. We have saved companies fortunes in terms of wages, and time. One company was paying £1000 a month for an admin assistant and were not happy with the work, timekeeping, and attitude. We took over their admin, and they now spend less than £150 a month – and they are absolutely delighted with both the quality of the work plus the efficiency.

If you want to discuss the Virtual Assistant Services for absolutely no obligation whatsoever, simply Contact Us and we will see if we can help you. Take the strain off yourself. you will find it so liberating, rather than being stressful and time-consuming! Life is for living, after all…

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