Next Door – Advertise to Your Community for FREE

Next Door – Advertise to Your Community for FREE

In these current times, it is important to stay isolated as much as possible.

However, this in itself causes many problems – mental, social, and economic. This is especially true if you don’t see people from one day to the next. But we all need that contact, reassurance, and on occasion, assistance.

There is a great website called NextDoor that allows you to keep in contact with your local community. You get to know your neighbors. You find out what is going on around you. There are lots of people offering help and assistance, and there are loads of local tradespeople – window cleaners gardeners, electricians, plumbers, etc. that you would never find out about normally. The great thing is they come with recommendations from your neighbors, so you immediately know how good they are.

Looking at my Next Door this morning, for example, our local window cleaner is going into self-isolation, so we know he won’t be around for a while. Someone reported seeing a lone hen walking across the road (there is a joke there somewhere!) and a dog was seen wandering around.

I am happy to say that the owners of both were reunited.

More disturbing – a farmer (we live in a very rural area) reported his sheep being attacked by dogs. So he asked us all to remain vigilant. And the local police regularly pop on there with updates about what was happening, and if there was anything to look out for.

However, Next door is also an amazing FREE way to advertise your business, service or product(s) in your local area.

next door

For example, if you are a mobile hairdresser, mechanic, seamstress, or cake maker – who better to advertise to than the people around you? Some of the tradespeople that I know and use are often booked up just through this website alone. But the best news of all is that if you do a good job for someone, they will happily recommend you to others, when a neighbour needs a plumber, decorator, heating engineer.

Personally, we wouldn’t go anywhere else for the information. And in the last month, we have spent over £40,000 through Next Dorr on renovations to our home.

Check it out – go to Nextdoor and register

The great news is that it is FREE, forever. Check it out.

Here is a great article about advertising on Next Door if you want to take it even further. Check it out HERE

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