Easily Create Totally Unique Blog posts, Articles etc., in Under 5 Minutes Using kafkai!

Easily Create Totally Unique Blog posts, Articles etc., in Under 5 Minutes Using kafkai!

The Best Blog Post/Article Spinner That You Can Find, Bar None!

There is a phenomenal AI powered writing program, producing SEO content in minutes – way faster than you can think about it, research it, type it.

There are quite a few “powered by AI” ads for various programs on the Internet. The content industry is also alive with all kinds of article and blog post writing services including article spinners, ghostwriters and Virtual Assistants, all promising done-for-you articles.

However, nothing comes close to a great program that I use to produce a lot of articles with, and make an easy income from. It is called Kafkai. (By the way – before you rush off to find it, stay with me. I am able to TRIPLE the number of articles that you can try out (I will show you how, later).

How to Write Great Blog Posts and Articles, Easy as Wink

100% AI driven

You register with Kafkai on a 3 day trial. During this trial, you can generate up to 25 articles, totally free of charge! And even on the lowest plan, you get 100 articles every month.

Registering with my link below gets you an extra 50 articles per month…

I know what some of you are already ahead of me, i.e., “if I offer 100 ghostwritten articles that I spent 5 minutes on for each one, I could actually make £1000 – £2000″ ($1500 – $3000 approximately) for 5- 6 hours a MONTH…

Once you are logged in, you simply click on the niche which suits the topic that you want to write about. See below. You then choose how many times you want that article to be spun with unique content – up to 10 times in fact. The article generation takes only a few minutes to create each one. It is really astonishing to watch.

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Choose your niche

The secret to obtaining the best of what Kafkai has to offer is to use the Advanced option to enter a title or paragraph of an already existing article online that is similar to the one you want to produce. This seed gives the algorithm more direction and typically makes for better articles.

You can also use WikiHow – my recommended portal to use for getting seeds since they cover almost all niches that Kafkai writes

For example, let’s say that you wanted an article on nutrition. Simply google the sort of thing that you are looking for. When you find a great blog post or article, copy the first paragraph, put it in the box, and click to generate. The Artificial Intelligence then produces a fantastic article, totally unique in content, and totally free of copyright!

Monthly article limits vary between packages. Currently, the highest plan we have is the Industrial Printer (5000 articles/month) for those needing a large volume of articles. Contact us if your requirement is higher.

So, what quality of blog post/article should you expect?


One of Kafkai’s greatest plus points is the articles’ readability – they read as though they’ve been written by a person with a relatable voice, rather than by an emotionless machine.

Moreover, the AI writing program writes in a logical order, with an introduction and a conclusion, as well as several solid, relevant paragraphs sandwiched between. (Sometimes, you will find grammatically incorrect sentences or the odd typo, but these are easy enough to correct).

Each article will usually have a chunk that you will want to remove: points that you might find not strong enough, or a conclusion that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but all you need to do is remove/alter these to increase the strength of your article as a whole.

This is another advantage of using the Advanced option, as you can choose to generate up to 10 articles, which all focus on the title/seed you have provided.

So, if one or two of the points of your favorite article don’t sit well with you, then you can stitch them together to get the very best article possible on your desired topic.

Take a look at this video, to find out all about it:

An independent review of kafkai


Kafkai is an incredible option for people who cannot afford to spend $40+ each article, but who still want to benefit from the advantages that good content marketing and blog writing can achieve. It is safe to say that Kafkai is a giant leap over $5 article writers, article spinners, and other text generating tools – and can be made even better, with just five to ten minutes of editing.

As stated earlier, if you click on the link below, you will get a huge 50 article incre4ase per month, every month, on their standard package. Trust me – once you see the awesome power of this program, you will want as many extra articles as you can get!

CLICK HERE to access Kafkai

(By the way, when you register, I will show you how to get access to even MORE articles to write and make an income from. Many would be happy with a couple of thousand pounds a moth for a few hours work, but as you will see, there is no limit to what you can make!

PS Once you are registered and have taken out the standard package, simply Contact Us and we will show you the methods that we use to generate as much business as we can handle!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the articles unique to me?

Yes, articles are generated from scratch and are entirely unique to your Kafkai account. No other user receives the same articles.

What can I do with my articles?

Anything you want. You receive full rights to the articles. You can use them for blog posts, emails, content marketing, PBNs, or even resell them.

How long are the articles?

At least 500 words, and up to about 900 words.

What languages are supported?

English only. We recommend using AI-powered translation tools if you need content in other languages.

Is there a WordPress plugin I can use?

Yes, there is a plugin for WordPress. It just gets better and better…

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