The 5 Minute Facebook Ad Formula for Success

The 5 Minute Facebook Ad Formula for Success

Introduction to the 5 Minute Facebook Ad Formula

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    It used to be that everyone’s biggest business problem was getting traffic
    to their website, but today the problem of traffic has been solved…

    If you need traffic, you can now simply buy it like any other commodity you need for your business.

    If you need printer paper… you buy it.

    If you need coffee… you buy it.

    And today, if you need traffic… you can buy it.

    One of the best places to buy traffic for your business is Facebook. With over 2.38 BILLION active monthly users, your target market IS active and accessible on Facebook.

    But there’s a BIG CATCH…

    In order to tap into the unlimited torrent of traffic that Facebook can deliver to your business, you absolutely MUST create effective Facebook Video Ads.

    You see if you don’t have highly effective video ads, you’ll end up spending much more money than you make. You will burn through your marketing budget at warp speed. And you will have nothing to show for all your time and hard work other than a big bill from Facebook!

    The 5 Minute Facebook Ad Formula

    In this eBook, you’ll discover our 5 Minute Facebook Ad Formula which will give you a massive shortcut for quickly creating effective, high ROI video ads for Facebook.

    So let’s get started…

    The Formula

    Believe it or not, this picture holds the key to creating compelling, high ROI video ads on Facebook!

    Let me explain…

    You see our simple but powerful formula for creating effective video ads is:


    Once you understand the SOC formula, you’ll know everything you need to quickly create effective video ads for any business in any industry.

    So let’s break it down…

    Step 1

    Stop The Scroll

    ”S” In SOC Stands For STOP

    5 monute facebook ad formula

    Think for a moment about the way YOU use Facebook.
    Chances are that you open up the Facebook app on your mobile phone whenever you’ve got a bit of downtime.

    Maybe you’re waiting at the bus stop, or you’re having a coffee break…

    Whenever you have a bit of time to kill, you check your Facebook feed, and then what do you do?

    You SCROLL…

    You flick and scroll through your feed looking for something that catches your eye. As an advertiser you need to understand this context and behaviour and realise that the first thing your ad needs to do is…


    You need to put something captivating in front of your prospective customer that makes them stop scrolling and take notice of your video ad.

    Here are ten of the best ways to stop the scroll:

    1. Humour

    We all love a laugh, so if you can make your audience smile you
    have a good chance of getting their attention.

    Eg. “Did some financial planning and it looks like I can retire at 62
    and live comfortably for 11 minutes…”

    1. Question

    Asking the right question is a great way to stop the scroll. If your
    audience relates to your question they will likely take note of your ad.

    Eg. Not a morning person?

    1. Curiosity

    One of the most powerful ways to capture someone’s attention is to “Open a loop”. It’s human nature to want to complete things.
    So if you create an open loop, often people will want to see how it plays out.

    Eg. All Roads Lead To…

    1. Pain

    Pain can be a good way to stop the scroll, but just be aware that Facebook does not want their platform to be a negative place so be careful that you don’t overdo the negativity.

    Eg. It’s Tax Time!

    1. Stats

    A compelling statistic or fact that relates to your audience’s
    interests can also work.

    Eg. Only 8% of people manage to keep their New Year’s

    1. Quotation

    An inspirational quote from the right person can be a good way to
    connect with your audience.

    Eg. “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” –
    Coco Chanel

    1. Desire

    Understanding your target audience and knowing exactly what
    they want is a great way to stop them scrolling.

    Eg. Get Kids to Listen the Right Way

    1. Command

    Sometimes people just need to be told what to do.

    Eg. Exhausted Parents Need to Watch This…

    1. How To

    If your product helps people learn a new skill, a simple How To ad
    can be very effective.

    Eg. How to create videos in minutes…

    1. Hashtag

    If there is a hashtag that will resonate with your audience, this can
    also be a good way to stop the scroll.

    Eg. #Motivational Monday

    So the first part of your video ad should focus on Stopping The Scroll. Once you’ve grabbed your viewer’s attention, it’s time to move on to the second step in the SOC formula.

    Step 2

    Make A Great Offer

    ”O” In SOC Stands For OFFER


    If you’ve effectively managed to stop your viewer from scrolling
    through their feed and take notice of your ad, the next step is
    to put a compelling offer in front of them.

    The offer you present will obviously depend on the nature of your business.

    Here are 4 types of offer that consistently work well on Facebook:

    1. Discount / Coupon / Secret Word

    These work particularly well for bricks and mortar businesses, and can be a great way to get people into your physical store.

    Eg. Drop in today and mention “Muggle Monday” to get a 15% DISCOUNT

    1. Lead Magnet

    A lead magnet is an eBook, special report, cheatsheet or white paper that delivers useful and
    practical information to your target audience.

    Eg. Grab your free YouTube SEO Cheatsheet today!

    1. Quiz

    A quiz can be a great way to engage with your audience, learn more about their needs and
    position one of your products as a solution to their most pressing problem.

    Eg. Take our business systemisation quiz and get your customised action plan.

    1. Webinar / Workshop / Masterclass

    A free webinar is another great way to deliver value to your audience, build trust and transform people from prospects into paying customers.

    Eg. FREE Webinar: Get Kids To Listen Without Yelling

    OK, so far you’ve grabbed your viewers attention and put a great offer in front of them. Now it’s time for the last step in the SOC formula.

    Step 3 Tell Them What To Do

    ”C” In SOC Stands For CALL TO ACTION

    5 minute facebook ad

    The final part of your video ad should tell your viewer exactly
    what they should do in order to take advantage of the offer that you have presented to them.

    This can be as simple as “Click the button below to Learn
    More” or you might want to tell them to come in to see you at
    your physical store.

    Adding an element of scarcity to your call to action is a good
    way to get people to take immediate action rather than putting
    it off until later. For example you might say

    “But this special offer is only available until 5pm this Friday!”

    So just to recap, your facebook video ad, has three parts that you can remember using the acronym SOC:

    Stop the Scroll
    Offer something compelling
    Call To Action

    Now that you understand how the SOC formula works, let’s take a look at some examples so
    you can see how this simple but powerful formula can produce great video ads for Facebook.

    The 5 Minute facebook Ad Formula – SOC In Action



    [Stop] Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes CAN change your life!

    [Offer] Enter ”Cinder” to get free shipping with any pair of shoes…

    [Call To Action] Browse the full range at

    Click Here To Watch The Finished Video Ad

    SOC In Action



    [Stop] If the grass is always greener on the other side… It’s time to take better care of your

    [Offer] Save 20% OFF our lawn mowing service until the end of this month!

    [Call To Action] Call us now on 202-555-0124 and enjoy your new garden!

    Click Here To Watch The Finished Video Ad

    SOC In Action



    [Stop] I”A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel

    [Offer] Save 20% on all hair care products

    [Call To Action] This week only… Browse the full range at

    Click Here To Watch The Finished Video Ad

    That’s A Wrap…

    The 5 Minute facebook Ad Formula – Conclusion

    With the SOC formula in your marketing arsenal, you now have
    a great blueprint for quickly creating compelling video ads for any business.

    As you start creating and testing your video ads, you’ll get to know your audience better and learn what types of hooks and offers they respond best to.

    Now you might be wondering – “How do I actually create my

    In order to create ads in the past, you would need to hire a videographer or a design agency who charged thousands of dollars for a single ad.

    Or, you could try and do it yourself by learning how to use complex video editing software like Final Cut Pro which have a very steep learning curve.

    For most business owners this was simply too hard or too expensive.

    That’s why Vidnami was created, a web-based video creation platform that takes all the hard work out of creating video ads!

    Click here to try Vidnami for yourself, and grab your free 7 day trial.

    And if you have any queries, or need assistance, contact us today. We are here to help

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