The Awesome Power of emojis in Your Posts etc.

The Awesome Power of emojis in Your Posts etc.

Should you or shouldn’t you use emojis in your facebook ads, blogs posts etc.?

In my view, it is a very good way to attract people. Studies have found that ad conversion rates increased considerably when the right emojis are used.

Emojis offer a non-verbal way of getting messages across to potential online customers. They are not only eye catching, but can help when headline characters are restricted, add emotion to your post, and represent a universal language that everyone can understand.

Don’t use emojis if they are not relevant to your brand, or your message or ad. In other words, don’t just throw a lot of emojis in there. That will have a negative effect. do, however, use emojis if they make perfect sense, and strengthen your message.



Here’s a great tip for MAC OS X users: You can immediately access an emoji panel using a keyboard shortcut as follows: Command + Control + Spacebar.

If you’re using Microsoft Windows, clicking the Windows logo key  + period (.) will open an emoji panel when you’re typing in a field that supports emojis (which is almost any field.

Here is a great FREE website for all the emojis that you could wish for. Simply copy and paste them.

Go to

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