Email Tester – How to Stop Your emails Being Blocked

Email Tester – How to Stop Your emails Being Blocked

Whenever we send out an email via autoresponder etc., we test it to see if it will get through spam filters, etc. There is a fabulous website that allows you to do it for free – no strings attached. Try it out – send any email to the testing email address and see what score you get.

Then, the website gives you suggestions as to how you can improve your score.

email tester

Here’s what they say on their website:

The Story of mail-tester

We needed a cheapsimple and efficient way to quickly test the quality of our own newsletters.

We simply built on our own tool. Now we’re sharing it for free via our web-interface and enable you to include our tests in your own app and whitelist our service by creating an account.

We’re geeky email software engineers.Back to top

How does mail-tester work?

We generate a random email address each time you access our port.

You should send a message from your favourite Newsletter/email software to this email address.

Once done, click on the Check your score button and as soon as we receive your message, our snail will stop to give you your spam score.

Mail-tester will analyze your message, your mail server, your sending IP… and show you a detailed report of what’s configured properly and what’s not.

Your result will be accessible for 7 days with our free version or 30 days if you created an account and used your own prefix.

If you send a new message to the same testing address, your previous test will be immediately deleted to be replaced by the new one.Back to top

How Can I Ensure that Everybody Gets my Emails?

You can’t. But you can do a lot to improve your chances, like getting a perfect score on mail-tester.

Give it a try today. It is FREE. And it could help you convert more customers! CLICK HERE to visit their site

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