6 Beebies

6 Beebies

How to Build a Huge Business with 6 Beebies

Many moons ago, as we were getting our feet wet in network marketing, I attended
numerous seminars to meet the great people that had made fortunes. I wanted to get to
the nitty-gritty, and find out the ‘big’ secret – the one piece of advice that was going to
make me a fortune.

One evening, after a seminar that was given by a famous American networker, I saw him
sneaking out to the loo for a comfort break, whilst someone else was strutting their stuff
on stage.

The late great John Kalench

I sneaked out too and followed him to the loo. This was my one opportunity to speak in
person to a top performer, so I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity!
So we ended up in the loo.
“Hi,” I said timidly “I loved your session on motivation. It really inspired me”
“Gee, thanks” came the reply “nice to know I helped someone today”
“Can I ask you a personal question though?”
“Sure, what is it you would like to know?”
“I’d like to make a fortune from this industry like you have,” I said. “Can you give
me the one single piece of advice that will set me on the same road as you?”
The great man finished washing his hands and dried them on the roller towel.
For what seemed like an eternity, he never answered. Then, he said –
“Okay. You’ve got to get some beebees”

Beebees? What the heck were beebees? My mind was racing……

He saw the quizzical look on my face, so he put his hand in his trouser pockets,
and pulled out 5 shiny marbles from his right pocket, and one marble from his left
pocket (a total of 6 beebies)

“Beebees. These are beebees”
It dawned on me. Beebees were obviously some sort of American term or slang
term for marbles!

“Why do I have to have beebees?” (I felt so silly saying that!)
“Listen, son,” he said, propping himself up against the sink “there is only one
reason why good people don’t become great in this type of business. They don’t do
something every day to make their business bigger or to help someone else make their
business bigger. They lose direction, lose momentum, lose consistency, and lose sight
of their goals.
So I use beebees…. “
I was gripped! He continued:
“As soon as you can, go and buy yourself six beebees. Every day, when you get
up, put your beebees in your right pocket. Then set to work. Whenever you
prospect someone, introduce your products to someone, introduce the concept of
MLM to someone or follow up on someone – no matter what the result – transfer
one of the beebees from your right pocket into your left pocket.

Then, don’t even think of finishing the day without transferring all of your beebees from
one pocket to the other. By doing this, you will have done enough every day to ensure
that you will be at the top of your business. Get the picture?”

6 Beebies – a Valuable Lesson

A light bulb came on in my head at that point. It was like the seas had parted, and the
fog had cleared. I now had a way of creating consistency every day, and of ensuring
that I had done enough. If I had not transferred all my marbles from one pocket to the
other (or from one side of my desk to the other) by the end of the day, I knew that I had
not done enough to further my business.

That great man is no longer with us, but that one piece of advice, somewhere in
a hotel loo in London, has driven us to become one of the top couples in the work
from home type of business.

Funnily enough, after I had thanked him, he smiled, then returned not one, but two
beebees into his left pocket before he headed off back to the meeting room…..

Next time we meet, show me your beebees, and I’ll know that there is a person that we’ll
see at the top too!

Are you going to do enough today to ensure your business will succeed?
If you don’t, you’ve lost your marbles……

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